The Western Experience

West [wɛst] n the 1. (Placename) the western part of the world contrasted historically and culturally with the East or Orient; the Occident
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly) the non-Communist countries of Europe and America contrasted with the Communist states of the East Compare East [2]
3. (Placename) (in the US) a. that part of the US lying approximately to the west of the Mississippi b. (during the Colonial period) the region outside the 13 colonies, lying mainly to the west of the Alleghenies
4. (Historical Terms) (in the ancient and medieval world) the Western Roman Empire and, later, the Holy Roman Empire
adj (Placename) a. of or denoting the western part of a specified country, area, etc. b. (as part of a name) the West Coast